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Sarplaninac, Charplaninatz , Jugoslovenski Ovcarski Pas

MALE             18 monts old Goran  Goran 6 years old


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KENNEL      Bichon Havanese Junior World Winner 2006, Bichon Havanais, Bolognese, Sarplaninac dogs, puppies

It was in 1996 in a world exhibition that We got to like a Sarplaninac female puppy. It was „love at first a sight”. That time we didn’t know this breeding and didn’t even think  what wonderful animal got into our family. As the time went on we realised what valuable thing we have. In the school this dog proved that the shepherd dogs’ abilities can’t be undervalued, they surpass that of the average dogs’.(self – contained decisions, in courroptible character, loyality and faithfulness to its family). It went to work, guarded the house and took part in exhibitions excellently. Having recognized the innumerable advantages and extraordinary features of this breed we decided to breed this wonderful species. That’s why we tried to choose the best male for our dog. From their litter we kept a female, who proved to be even more promising than her mother was. Having achieved national success in the world exhibition she came third in Amsterdam in 2002 and was able to achieve the same astonishing result in Dortmund in 2003. So we can say for sure that she is among the best dogs in the world.






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